Easy Ideas to Dress Up Your Driveway

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Blog

Driveways (and pathways, for that matter) are not just functional outdoor hardscapes that get you from point A to point B. When done right, your driveway can easily enhance your curb appeal and impress your neighbors and visitors alike, and make your home look a lot more inviting. 

In terms of the driveway itself, it can be made from a variety of building materials, each of which give off a certain look and add aesthetic value to your property. There is a wide range of options, such as cobblestone, brick, pavers, asphalt, concrete, and slate, to name a few. 

Choosing the right materials and extra fixtures should complement the architecture of your home, as well as the surrounding landscape, rather than clash with them. Check out these ideas on how to turn your driveway into the star of the show and make your property go from drab to fab:


Clean and edge your driveway

Of course, the most important thing is to ensure that your driveway is always nice and tidy. Regardless of how it looks like and what it’s made of, if the driveway is dirty and unkempt, there really is nowhere to go but up. 

Regular maintenance is an absolute must- it should be clear from litter and debris, built up dirt and dust is cleaned off, and any damage should be repaired before it gets worse. Some of these can be easy fixes that can be done during your weekly cleaning, while some, like power washing and repairs, may require the help of professionals. 

There is also the issue of edging. It creates a denitive section by clearly defining where the driveway ends and where the lawn begins. A properly edged driveway just looks more maintained, and, well, nicer.


Create the illusion of a border

If trimming your grass to edge the driveway doesn’t cut it for you, you can take things further by creating a border through adding brick pavers at the edge of the driveway, to line it from the street to the garage. 

This creates a nice visual effect that defines your driveway and lawn space better, and also serves as a welcome break from the seemingly endless slab of concrete that is your driveway. 

An arguably better alternative is to plant flowers and shrubs along the edge where the grass meets the driveway. It also works as a nice border, plus, it adds some much needed burst of color and greenery to an otherwise drab, gray driveway.


Install lighting

If you have a somewhat long driveway that isn’t quite illuminated by your front lights or the street lamps, then lighting is an absolute must. You wouldn’t want any untoward accidents happening because of a pitch black driveway, now, would you? 

Otherwise, they can still be installed for value adding purposes. Ample lighting helps set the mood and lights up your property in a pleasing and inviting manner. Believe it or not, the right lights can easily accentuate the good stuff.

There are many options to choose from when installing outdoor lighting for your driveway. You can even go with the solar powered ones to be more environmentally (and budget) friendly. You can try out floor lighting, street lamp style lighting fixtures, or even dome lighting. It’s all up to you! Just make sure that the lighting setup complements your property nicely.


Enhance the bare driveway

If you are looking for something to dress up your driveway without adding much frills to your property, you can simply enhance the existing driveway. This idea works best for plain concrete or asphalt driveways, but feel free to experiment!

For one thing, you can apply a concrete or asphalt sealer to keep the driveway looking fresh and new for longer. This may take a few days to complete the project, and may be best to hire a professional, but it’s well worth it.

Another idea is to stain, stamp, or paint your driveway. There is an endless selection of patterns, colors, and tints that you can use to spice up the look and appeal of your otherwise plain driveway. These methods work with concrete and brick, but feel free to ask your local contractors.

With the right design and care, your driveway can be transformed from being the least appealing part of your property into one of its main assets.


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