If you’re looking for the best landscaping team Plano has to offer, look no further! Beautiful landscaping means going beyond have a trimmed yard with a few weeds to having a lawn you are proud of, that looks healthy and vibrant. Aeroscape Landscaping does more than plant trees, shrubs, flowers, ground cover, roll sod and lay stones; we create a landscape design tailored to your individual property in an organized, professionally designed manner.

We work hard to optimize visual interest when planning a new landscape installation. Hard lines around a house and other existing structures may be softened through the mindful application of gently curved beds and sidewalks. By staggering larger shrubs and plants behind smaller ones, your landscape is given depth. Our attention to detail is second to none. We offer a wide range of flowering shrubs, bulbs, perennials, and annuals into your garden, lawn and flower beds, adding vivid colors and brightening your outdoor living area throughout the growing season.

We welcome all design ideas and use a trusted design process that ensures your dreams become reality. Our expert team has the know how to create unique design features on any budget in any habitat . From design consultation to installation, and to lawn maintenance, we want to prove why we are the best team for your landscaping needs all around Plano, TX that you can depend on to keep your lawn looking its best all year long.

We are 100% family owned and operated since 1982 in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and we would love the opportunity to help turn your yard into something you can be proud of. Call us today at (972) 596-7193 to schedule a consultation!

Lawn Maintenance

Aeroscape provides a complete range of landscape services that ensures the welfare of your garden, trees, and lawn throughout the year. We are experts in landscape maintenance, whether it be for residential properties, estate lots, or commercial areas.

We give a careful and thorough assessment of your landscape’s overall health and suggest the best course-of-action to repair damage or replace worn out designs. Upon confirmation from clients, we then implement our services in the most professional way possible, all of which are geared to take care of your landscape and ensure it looks and stays great.

Chemical and fertilizer treatments will ensure that your yard stays healthy and looking its best. We can even treat fire ant hills and get rid of other pests.

Landscape Design and Installation

Our team of design professionals are adept at handling the roughest, steepest terrain while turning out beautiful custom designs tailored for your individual wants. Proven and effective landscape design practices are used depending on enhances your overall satisfaction with the usage, location, and amenity preferences of. We of course welcome our client’s design ideas and special in turning those into reality.

We can even design your own built-in, fully functional kitchen and grill. Simply give us a design or tell us your ideas and we’ll do the designing then construction. Add a patio arbor, if you’d like. Or perhaps have a porch in your backyard. Not only will this make your space look good, but you’ll also have a new area for parties!

We are also experts in construction flowerbed borders and retaining walls. We have access to different kinds of stones such as paver stones, panhandles, granite, and many more. Our expert brick and stonemasons will take care of those.

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